Words of Praise



Except for choosing the right spouse, hiring Kristi as your wedding coordinator is the single best thing you can do to assure a stress-free, successful wedding day.

-Francesca Vietor and Mark Hertsgaard

We are infinitely grateful to have connected with Kristi who guided us assuredly through every step of the process - from finding our unbelievably unique, private site that we would never have begun to dream possible to find, to managing the army of vendors on the wedding day with unparalleled calm, command, and grace.  “Kristi is not your typical wedding planner," I say when telling friends about our gem.   She is real, honest, down-to-earth, and her reputation speaks volumes through her vendors whose work is excellent, and who all respect her greatly as well.  Kristi kept the process in big-picture perspective that we appreciated, and managed the details in such a way that there was never any stereotypical drama in the immediate weeks prior to our wedding day.  It all rolled out smoothly and effortlessly, and those last-minute inevitable "glitches" that did arise never turned into drama. We look forward to remaining in touch with Kristi as we launch our lives as a married couple, happy to have the most magical dreams of our wedding day that we could have ever imagined.

-Jody Young and Doug Llewellyn

There are so many wonderful things to say about Kristi, it's hard to narrow it down! She made every step of the way creative, fun, enjoyable, and most importantly, organized. She knew where to go for the best person to get what we wanted. We even managed to get a celebrity musician to play while I walked down the aisle (Etta James). This was my husband's surprise gift to me, and it stayed a surprise until the moment I walked out. From the save the date cards months ahead of the wedding to the brunch at the end of the weekend, Kristi made planning our wedding a delightful experience. It was the most beautiful, meaningful day of our lives. The party was great, and we owe the planning of it all to Kristi. She is the best!

-Brigitte DeMeyer and Sam Sax

With the stress and anxieties associated with a wedding, I suppose every bride dreams of the fairy godmother one finds in Kristi. Her efficiency, attention to detail, and kindness made sure that everything happened seamlessly and magically on our “Big Day,” with nothing left undone but to have a smashing time. From our catering tasting to our DJ music, from our search for a rustic, vineyard venue to coordinating our flowers, every step of the planning process was simple under Kristi’s guidance and care. What a great relief to kick back my wedding shoes and enjoy every moment, knowing that the orchestration of the event was left in her hands.

-Amy Goodman and Michael Lin

Any time Kendall and I had an issue or thought there was a problem, and approached Kristi with a semi-panicked expression on our faces and a slight pitch in our voices, she could not have greeted us with a more relaxed, smiling face. With raised eyebrows and a cool delivery, she would say, "Okay. I'll take care of that. You guys go have fun." And back to having fun we would go. For us, it all seemed a bit fragile and potentially disastrous, with so many people and families and emotions, but for Kristi, it was show time. We were so comforted by her professionalism and awareness. Kristi could not have been more pleasant to work with. Calm, confident, and in control - she is a wedding coordinator Goddess!

-Gardner Robinson and Kendall Wilkinson

Chuck and I truly had the time of our lives at our wedding and owe a huge thank you to you.  We were both really relaxed and present during the entire event because we completely entrusted the details to you.  Kristi, you handled everything perfectly!

-Molly West and Chuck Slaughter

We really appreciate your kindness.  There must have been an angel on my shoulder when I contacted you.  It was a great decision and has made the craziness fun!

-Tara Graves and Billy Bean


For several years we have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Kristi.  We always know that the entire process will be ensemble oriented and free of unnecessary stress.  She is kind, generous, and a sheer pleasure to work with.

-Sam Godfrey, Founder, Perfect Endings Wedding Cakes, Perfectendings.com

Events with Kristi Amoroso are always beautifully planned and perfectly executed.  Her creativity and passion together with her professionalism and experience shines at each event.  And she is fun!

-Lauri Dorman, General Manager, Paula Le Duc Fine Catering, `Paulaleduc.com

I have had the great pleasure of designing many invitations for Kristi and her clients. We have worked with many different personalities, styles, locations, and logistics. What impresses me most is, no matter how diverse the clients or the challenges are, Kristi remains the constant element bringing and holding it all together. The qualities, which I appreciate most, are her ability to stick to the timeline, her attention to detail, and best of all - her sense of humor.

-Janel Claire Design, Graphic Designer, janelclaire.com

Kristi shows a lot of passion when planning a wedding for a client. She is extremely professional, organized, and creative. When planning an event, Kristi understands the meaning of different cultures and listens well to her clients’ needs. Brides feel well taken care of from the beginning to end.

-Jin Wang Bridal Couture, Owner Jin Wang, jinwang.net


She is incredibly organized! Throughout the months of planning and on the actual event day, she orchestrates everything with absolute clarity, lightness, and grace while never loosing her cool. She is innovative, incredibly creative, and her sense of style is fantastic! It goes without saying that an event planned by Kristi will go seamlessly, look gorgeous, and reflect her client's vision in the best way possible.

-Ariella Chezar, Florist, ariellaflowers.com

I first had the opportunity to work with Kristi as she was planning her own wedding - which was truly spectacular.  Her fabulous sense of style and attention to detail was obvious then.  Since then we have had many of our clients work with Kristi and all have been thrilled.  Her warm personality and stunning aesthetic sense makes her an incredible event planner that we are more than happy to refer.

-Nancy Taylor, Couture Designer

It was wonderful working with you on Brigitte and Sam's wedding at The Westin St. Francis. It was quite a feat of planning that you managed to surprise the bride with Etta James serenading her as she walked down the aisle. I have heard recordings of "At Last" at many weddings, but to hear her in person, and to see (and get to photograph!) the shocked and amazed look on Brigitte’s face was a true delight. You executed the surprise and the day perfectly - I can still see you and Etta (and her entourage!) sneaking through the hotel kitchen! I should also mention how gorgeous the overall event was, and what a pleasure it was to photograph! So many thanks...

-Meg Smith, Photographer, megsmith.com


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